Building a community on Linkedin


When using LinkedIn to build a community, keep in mind that this social network focuses more on professional development than lifestyle topics. 

There are three main ways an organization can build a community on LinkedIn: 

Employee Network 

The first is its employee network. Regularly encourage colleagues to connect their personal LinkedIn accounts with the organization’s Page.  This multiplies your Page’s reach and the content you’re sharing. 

Your LinkedIn Page 

The second is to attract people to follow your LinkedIn Page. This is done through publishing excellent content, but also by engaging with other posts and activity in a way that stimulates interest in your organization. 

LinkedIn Group

The third way is to build an active LinkedIn Group with engaged members.  This tactic has the potential to drive traffic back to your LinkedIn Page. 

In this blog post, I’ll focus on LinkedIn Groups and how to use it to create community on Linkedin.

Using LinkedIn Groups 

LinkedIn Groups can also be a powerful tool for increasing visibility of your organization among a target audience. Join relevant professional groups, and routinely participate in discussions in a friendly, knowledgeable and helpful way.  Doing this will push the group members to check out your profile and the organization you represent.  

Another way you can take advantage of LinkedIn Group functionality is by creating a Group on behalf of your organization.  

To do this, click Groups from the drop-down menu, then create new group. Add your organisation’s logo, then enter the Group’s name.

Define the Group Purpose 

Next, enter the Group’s purpose. This should be defined ahead of time, so you can convey a clear, concise message to potential members.

Group Rules 

Next step: outline how you want members to use the Group. As with the purpose, Group rules should be decided before you arrive at this step. Defining and enforcing rules is key to a healthy group – this will make it easier for you to manage and moderate discussions.

Privacy Settings 

Then, choose your privacy settings. I’d recommend starting with standard while your Group is new so that its members can invite new members to join. Then create your Group.

Keep Members Engaged 

Now that your group is live, begin inviting members to join – starting with your existing connections and employees. To continue to grow your community, it’s important that current members remain active and engaged. If they find the Group valuable, they may invite connections from their own networks to join. 

One engagement tactic is to welcome new group members with an @ mention and invite them to introduce themselves to the Group. 

Another tactic is to create high-value content that’s exclusive to Group members.  Promote this exclusive content in your feed, to draw in new members.  

Another way to facilitate discussion is by posting thought-provoking questions in the Group, and encouraging members to share their thoughts in the comments below. Be sure to include images and videos with your posts, to make them more visually engaging. 

I hope you found this article useful. Let me know your thoughts about building communities on LinkedIn and if you have any ideas on how to maintain the members active and engaged.

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